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Who we are and our mission

As musicians our goal is to help awaken the sleeping spirit and bring people together.  As we close our eyes, we sometimes forget 'what' we are here for, together. We forget that we are all brothers and sisters that need to keep on working together  Music brings us to together and links our ties. Music helps ignite the mystical connection we share.  We are sharing one world. We are sharing the human experience together. We, Djobi Ensemble, believe through music we can help expand our awareness and consciousness.  Waking up the spirit with music and dance is our mission!!


Interested ?? CAll  Mama Djo 419-984-2442 or

Email @

Drum circles

Looking to drum or bring drumming to your event with professionals? We can help coordinate drum circles We have drums available for people to play on. We can help bring the energy alive. Also, we can combine a drum circle with a drum lesson for newbies.    

With more than 22 years experience with drum circles,  you can expect everyone to find that space where they want to dance or drum. People will walk away wanting more!! 

Need a teacher for an Event

We can teach traditional African dance and drum. We can teach America drum. We can work with adults to children. We have our own drums we can bring. 

We have taught at schools, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Universities, and more.

Need something to livin up your festival-- Book today!!


Looking for a Performance

Book today for a performance at your event.  If you desire to have a Zaouli dancer, or just drums or other traditional dancers just let us know.

Looking for a performance with a drum circle afterwards?   

Book today!



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