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Psychic Readings -old fashion style –

Spiritual Counseling

Mama Djo

Minister since 2003

Bachelors in Anthropology/Africana Studios

90 hours in Mental health Counseling

Over 30 years of experience

Corporate parties

Private parties

Individual readings

Spiritual counseling

Classes on Energy work, tarot, zodiac, numerology and protection.

Sunday classes 4:00 - 5:00 P.M. @ Mystical Studios

1735 W. Sylvania ave. Toledo, Ohio 43613

419-984-2442 leave a text plz

I am a seer of the future and a natural clairvoyant who chose to walk this path as a child. I remember like it was yesterday. I am also a professional musician/artist/creator and a director of Djobi ‘Wake Up spirit’ ensemble. I am a mother. I am a full believer that you can change your life and create your dream. My professional experience and training began at 12 years old.

My first deck was given to me by Lord Varra aka David Greenberg. He was one of the founders of The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Wicca with Lady Circe. He sought me out on my 12th birthday. Ok, he was a friend of my mother, Lady Theo aka also my mother. He told me he waited until I was of age to gift me a tarot deck. I had been predicting things since I can remember. I had visions come to me in dreams and during the day I could see people’s energy. It was hard. I would get confused as a child because things didn’t happen yet, and then it happened. I was lucky as a child because my mother would guide me to help me gain a better understanding. Now, my father was Southern Babtist and knowing the bible was the most important. I have grown to educate myself on many different paths to God. They all have their divine direction.

I also worked with Mr. DeAnda who helped me focus my energy who I met on my 12th birthday at a fire with some friends. Guides come from all different directions if we pay attention. I was taught how to protect myself and breathe. There was so many great lessons from these journeys. I was able to control my dream walking and focus myself here and now and walk evenly. As I have grown and raised 4 daughters and other children. I have been able to grow inside and help explain energy better and hold space for those that are growing spiritually.

When I give you a reading, I prefer you sit in meditation and not talk for a psychic readings. I analyze your energy and tell you what I see. I am trained in many ways. I read and interpret energy sometimes I use tarot, runes, stones, palms, pictures, and channeling. I train readers and help others clear energy and break patterns and grow.

I use to work professional not counting all the private parties:

Lite the Way


I have travelled and worked at

Body, Mind, and Spirit

In Tennessee, Michigan, and Southern Ohio.

I have done high school After Proms for

Rossford a couple years in a row--??


Ottawa Hills High School ( I remember the Casino theme the first year )

And a couple more.

I still have clients – but I will not share that list.

I have travelled to:




Ivory Coast, West Africa

Only 12 more states in the USA to see and walk upon!!!!

190 more countries to go to see the rest of the world!!

Only one planet visit—Our Mother EARTH!!!!!!

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