BIO:            Djobi 'Wake Up Spirit' Ensemble 


The Djobi Ensemble play original and authentic music from West Africa bringing the dance right out of your soul. The ensemble’s high-energy performances captivates the audiences to their feet with songs to sing, and dance People say they bring drumming to a whole new level here in the US. They play original music from Emmanuel’s village and original composition written here; both with dancers also authentic mask dances such as Zaouli, Boloye and more. They play with Djembes, dun duns, balafon, and other traditional instruments. Emmanuel Djobi, the lead drummer is native to Ivory Coast, Africa. He took his career as a lead drummer of the Ivory Coast orchestra to the USA. Kimberly Djobi trained for over 24 years, travelling to Africa a few times; now has original pieces and choreography. She has traveled all over the US learning the djembe, teaching, and coordinating drum circles. Combining their love with music, they help resonate the vibration when they play. Saturnin Ba is born in Ivory Coast and has danced all his life. Currently, he is working at ‘Disney World’ . The Ensemble has performed and taught at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, Pagan Pride, ‘Touch of Magic’ show, taught at Starwood, and much more. Djobi Ensemble’s studio is located in Toledo, Ohio.