WakeUpSpirit Drums!!

Looking for an authentic African Drum with a good Sound!!

Djobi Ensemble is now offering DRUMS !! 

DunDun Drums

The dun duns come in a set of 3 drums. 

There is the father drum: dun dunba. There is the mother drum: Sangba.

There is the child drum: Kenkeni. 

We play them as a family and they are an essential drum set  for our       'Djobi Ensemble'. 

Dun dun sets begin at 


The Djembe (Jim Bay) drum has three main sounds. The Slap, Tone, and Bass.  In an orchestra there is the lead drummer, 1st drummer, 2nd drummer and it follows. It is much like a string orchestra where everyone has their own parts.  The more you practice the more you learn!!!!

Djembe drums begin at $330.00

Emmanuel Djo Bi

Emmanuel Djo Bi is the lead drummer for 'Djobi Ensemble'.  Grew up around drumming, fixing drums, re-heading drums, and will test your drum and give you the sound you are looking for.  

Tested and approved by the Djo Bi family!!!